Because Vision Matters

Vision really does matter! The eyes are our dominant sense organ. The brain uses the eyes to gather information more than any of the other five senses. When our eyes work well we learn well. Learning is one of the greatest joys in life. Therefore when our eyes are working well and we are learning well our lives are enriched.

Vision is made up of many key components including (but not limited to):

  • Focusing (identifying an object)
  • Motor movements (eye hand coordination)
  • Pursuits and Saccades (locating and following an object)
  • Speech/Auditory (naming an object)
  • Binocularity ( three dimensional vision)
  • Visualization (imagining what you are learning).

The greatest eyeglass prescription in the world only addresses a few of these components. At Round Rock Family Eye Care we concentrate on the visual system as a whole. We use all tools to maximize these skills including proper prescribing of glasses, addition of prism lenses, reading prescriptions and vision therapy. These techniques are helpful for children that are struggling in school, athletes who want to enhance their game, adults struggling with vision related headaches and anybody that would like to maximize their life through enhanced vision.

When these skills are working well we are best able to navigate our environment. Consider these examples. Isn't it easier to understand what somebody is saying when you can also read their lips? If we cannot identify a taste, sound or feel, doesn't it make it instantly clear when we see it? As we read a book we visualize what we are reading. This makes the story come to life in our own unique way. Vision is awesome! It dominates our lives. At Round Rock Family Eye Care we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best vision possible so that you might live life to the fullest.

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