Because Local Matters

You've heard it said before and it's worth saying local, support local business. Local does matter to both you the consumer and to the small business that you support. By doing business with, us your local small business, you receive the best in service, product and care.

Much of the optometry business is run by large chain opticals that are headquartered in other cities and states. Generally, the chains are interested in volume. Volume means that the doctor has less time to spend with each individual patient, wait times are longer, there is less office staff to efficiently take care of your needs, the opticians are less knowledgeable about specialized products and your overall experience is less personable.

Personalized Service = Higher Quality

Our ambition, at Round Rock Family Eye Care, is to operate a practice that meets your individual needs, efficiently and personally. Because we are independent we are able to offer higher quality services. We have two doctors on staff to meet your visual needs. We staff extra employees to ensure that your care is accurate, efficient and personable. Our staff members are industry professionals that have made careers out of their jobs. They offer the best in knowledge and care. Our doctors are able to provide the time you deserve because we dictate our patient schedule. We make sure our books are not over scheduled. We practice this way because we believe that you deserve excellent medical care. We can do this because we don't answer to shareholders!

Our goal is to provide quality work in an enjoyable environment. Because we are local we are able to do this and do it really well! You will notice the difference here at Round Rock Family Eye Care. We enjoy serving you and your family. We will to continue to invest in an office environment that meets your needs with care and precision.


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